CRC Vision

  • To raise nations for God that will consist of men and women of renown who through the word of God will have discovered their destinies, occupying their place in the programme of God. Joel 2:7-11
  •  To build the foundation of many lives through the word of God, and rebuild the broken walls around many families, communities and nation through an open demonstration of the love and power of God. John 6:63
  • To equip men and women with the knowledge of the power of God that will turn them to a change agent and solution provider in our World. Isaiah 61:1-3
  • To make each phase of the development of people’s life spiritually fulfilling and enjoyable through life by providing a robust support system that God has made available through his word. John 10:10
  • To create an atmosphere of love and warmth by the power of God where people of all races and gender can integrate as a community. Romans 10:12
  • To raise leaders who will be pillars in industries, commerce education, the community and every sphere of human endeavours. 1 Chronicles 12:32
  • To engage with our community through various activities to develop the spirit, body and soul of people of all ages with the aim of building a healthy and prosperous community. 1 Tim 4:8


Discovering Destiny, Walking in Dominion