About CRC

Pastor Kunle Awosusi is the visionary and Lead Pastor of Christ Royal Chapel Worldwide

How it all started:

When on a missionary trip to Nigeria in January 2012, The Holy Spirit notified him of a new assignment after three days of fasting and prayer.

Following this, Pastor Kunle heard God in the middle of a worship service at the Winner’s Chapel in Dartford Kent, instructing him to wait for further guidance. The Lord told him ‘Royals’ will be amongst the people he will be led to serve. The waiting lasted for a period of two and a half years.

On Sunday 2nd of February 2014, Pastor David Oyedepo Junior on his account was instructed to lay hands on the whole congregation at Winner’s Chapel. At the time God told Pastor Kunle Awosusi he had organised, the occasion as a season of his release. In awe of the glory of God and the strong presence of his Holy Spirit Pastor Kunle presented himself in the queue of worshippers to be anointed with oil.

Revelation to Reality:

Immediately after the service, as he was driving home with his family, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he was instructed to go to the Hilton hotel in Croydon, where God had made adequate provision for the inception of the ministry.

Pastor Kunle has run a community pharmacy practice in Croydon for the last 14 years. Following the experience on the 2nd of February he realised that the primary purpose of him coming to Croydon went beyond building a business. It was to offer a service that was ultimately to raising people for God.

Through this ministry, God promised to turn peasants to royals, and to cause many sons and daughters who have lost their identities to rediscover their true identity in Christ, being the chief cornerstone of all destinies; in 1 Peters 2:9 Says .But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, his own special people, that you may proclaim the praise of him who called you out of darkness into his marvellous light”.

From this revelation a seven-point mandate evolved of what the church is called to do irrespective of location, which now represents the vision of the ministry.

Preparations went on through prayer, fasting and studying to discover the right way and time to commence, and God through his spirit led us to the right people for direction, counsel, support and prayer until the legal registration and necessary machineries for a glorious take off were in place.

On Wednesday 4th June, as God instructed, the inaugural service of this great ministry took place at the Philip suite of the Hilton hotel Croydon, where the vision was shared after a powerful worship and prayer session with 14 adults and 4 children in attendance.

The regular Wednesday service continued till the end of August, during which we inaugurate the ‘Prayer to Praise Night’ in preparation for our first Sunday service.

On Sunday 7th of September 2014, the church commenced its first Sunday service and children Sunday school.

Christ Royal Chapel has continued to grow in numbers, spiritual strength and love, the circumstances of people have responded positively to the presence and the word of God.

This amazing story has changed the lives of people from all races and walks of life.

Worship with us today and we are confident to say that you will have a life-transforming encounter with God, as you open your heart to his word and the power of his spirit.

God bless you richly

Pastor Kunle Awosusi